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Free Estate Plan

Get a Complimentary Estate Plan

When you become a part of Grape Private Client by having $250,000 or more in managed investments with Grape Wealth Management, one of the significant benefits you can take advantage of is obtaining an estate plan at no additional cost. This complimentary service is designed to cater to the unique financial situations and future planning needs of high-net-worth individuals who entrust Grape Wealth Management with managing their investments.


By offering a free estate plan, Grape Wealth Management not only ensures that your financial legacy is preserved and passed on according to your wishes but also adds a layer of personalized financial planning that considers the complexities of estate management, tax implications, and the safeguarding of your assets for future generations. This benefit underscores Grape Wealth Management's commitment to providing comprehensive financial solutions and personalized services that address the broader financial picture of their clients, beyond just investment management.

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