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Sihao Cong ⛳️

Join us in supporting Sihao Cong (See-how), fondly known as "The Temecula Kid," on his inspiring journey to golf stardom. A love story with golf that began when he received his first set of clubs at age 2, Sihao's life has been dedicated to mastering the game. Trained by his father, a former tech entrepreneur and well-known golfer, Sihao quickly rose through the ranks, winning a tournament in China at age 6, which earned him a spot in the San Diego Junior World Golf Championship. It was there he discovered his affection for sunny Southern California, and his family soon relocated to Irvine. Sihao continued to excel, winning the Junior World Championship at age 11 (2012), and has remained a top contender among his peers.

Now, at 17, Sihao is not only a golf prodigy but also an academic standout. Temecula is proud to call him our own. After receiving offers from Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, Sihao chose UC Berkley for their unparalleled golf program and to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Collin Morikawa. While he received a scholarship, it does not cover all his expenses - remaining tuition, tournament fees, and living costs.

That's where we, Grape Wealth Management, and the Temecula community come in. We're rallying together to support Sihao's college journey, allowing him to concentrate on golf without financial distractions, aiming for him to become the world's best golfer. We're privileged to be part of Sihao's journey and it's an honor to have him as part of our beautiful town. Join us in supporting Sihao, The Temecula Kid, in his pursuit of golfing greatness.


(100% of your donation will go towards supporting Sihao's college and golf journey)

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The Temecula Kid


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Join us in supporting Sihao!


Your donation will go toward supporting Sihao through college.

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Support Sihao's Golf Journey

The Temecula Kid ⛳️

You can show your support for Sihao 'The Temecula Kid' Cong in various ways. Consider donating funds to help cover his educational and tournament expenses. Come cheer him on at tournaments to keep his spirit high and his focus sharp. You can also spread the word about Sihao's remarkable journey by sharing his story on social media. Every tweet, post, or story makes a big difference. We appreciate all your efforts and support in helping Sihao become the world's best golfer. Thank you!

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