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Grape Private Client


Private Client

The Grape Private Client service is our exclusive, high-touch offering for a select group of clients. Designed for individuals who require an elevated level of financial expertise and personalized service, it provides comprehensive wealth management encompassing estate planning, strategic tax planning, and investment management. We focus on in-depth understanding of your specific financial needs, tailoring strategies to ensure the smooth transition and preservation of your wealth. With our Grape Private Client service, you'll receive dedicated attention, more frequent communication, and bespoke financial solutions to ensure your retirement goals are not only met, but exceeded.

Active Portfolio Management

Our active portfolio management involves frequent buying and selling of investments, aiming to outperform the market and optimize returns based on in-depth analysis and forecasting.

Tailored Financial Plan

We provide financial plans that are tailored strategies designed to meet your specific goals, considering your income, expenses, investments, and desired lifestyle for a secure future.

Monthly Updates & Quarterly Reviews

We provide monthly updates and quarterly check-ins provide consistent communication, keeping you informed about your financial progress and adapting to any changes in your goals.

Strategic Tax Planning

Tax planning and preparation involves strategizing and organizing finances to minimize tax liability, ensuring accurate, timely filing and compliance with tax laws.

Frequent Market Updates

We meticulously analyze the current investment landscape, highlighting significant trends and potential shifts that may impact your portfolio. 

Conceirge Service

Our concierge service provides personalized attention to your financial needs, delivering prompt, tailored responses and assistance for a seamless wealth management experience.

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Lorraine, Client

"Grape Wealth Management transformed my retirement journey from daunting to exciting. Their genuine care, personalized plans, and regular updates gave me confidence and peace of mind about my financial future."
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